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Pool House Decorating Ideas

pool house decorating ideas

    pool house
  • The firm was commissioned to design a small pool house as an annex to the home of a disabled client, who relied on swimming for physical therapy

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Colour My World

Colour My World

WR is full of inspiring people who wear amazing & often unusual colour combinations. In today's pool, Feytwee rocked my world with a multi-layered ensemble featuring yellow/mustard, red, beige, brown & aqua. Not everyone would be able to juggle all those balls in the air at once, but Feytwee pulled it off beautifully.
This is just one example, there are so many others on WR. Hermsprong works with mustard as well & who can forget Kelly Loves Whales amazing aqua walls!
It's such a contrast to how most people, particularly at my age choose to dress & decorate their houses.
There's this ridiculous idea that Black is really slimming, stylish & chic. You can hide bucket loads of fat around your waist & upper arms as long as you are swathed in black. Everyone thinks that if they wear a little black dress they'll channel a bit of Audrey Hepburn's stylish stick insect. More like elderly widow!
Alexandra Shulman, editor of British Vogue who's just turned 50 said, 'Black is draining, & you have to be very rich to wear beige'.
Now I've finished my rant I'll tell you about my colourful outfit. Seventies leisure top made of Safari Suit nylon from 'Map' vintage shop in Newport, Sydney; aqua silky skirt from 'Alannah Hill' , Wooden wild animal & tusk necklace bought in the eighties, painted wood bangles again from the eighties, faux Chanel quilted caramel shoulder purse, & my good old tap shoes. I have to wear them because I've got blisters, even though it's sweltering.

Bubblegum tree

Bubblegum tree

Day 33 of 365 - It was our last day looking round the Open Houses today. It has been such a pleasure, including the people who have been so friendly. We've seen lots of things we loved and felt inspired by.

This photo was taken in a garden that had lots of recycled things in it, most of which were not part of the open house, but just showed how they didn't have an on/off switch when it came to art. When the children were told there was a bubblegum tree at the end of the garden they were keen to discover it. It was made from poles from a trampoline and plastic balls (like the kind you get in ball pools) strung up with thread. My daughter wasn't sure if they were really bubblegum, so went for a closer inspection. This was taken just as she caught me crouching in the foliage shooting in her direction.

The garden also had used rubber gloves on sticks, some of which were stuffed and looked keen for a handshake. I can't wait to see what fun ideas we come up with to decorate our own garden!

pool house decorating ideas

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